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Department:    Construction

Reports to:      Division Construction Manager 

FLSA Status:   Exempt

Supervises:    Building Supervisors, contractors, suppliers  

Position Purpose:

Effectively manage all construction and warranty operations, community Building Supervisors, subcontractors, and vendors while maintaining systems and procedures which will ensure all homes are built in accordance with building codes, quality standards, specified production schedules, and gross profit objectives and achieve customer satisfaction goals set forth by The Providence Group.

Position Responsibilities:

Personnel Management

  1. Assist in recruiting and hiring all field construction personnel.
  2. Manage the thorough training of all field construction personnel.
  3. Conduct quarterly growth reviews with Building Supervisors.
  4. Communicate bonus plan criteria to Building Supervisors and manage expectations.
  5. Respond to field personnel questions, issues or performance concerns immediately.
  6. Manage and monitor monthly reports on relevant employee data, (customer satisfaction, production schedule, quality inspections).
  7. Coordinate weekly meetings with construction team to review schedules, problems, etc.
  8. Manage personnel terminations per company guidelines.
  9. Develop and maintain a staffing plan to determine construction personnel capacities and future hiring needs.


  1. Obtain construction permits and manage the permit process to ensure homes are started within the established parameters.
  2. Achieve production schedules through use of approved TPG construction templates.
  3. Monitor use of templates by Building Supervisor(s), evaluate effectiveness, and make recommendations for improvement.
  4. Manage and drive production daily.
  5. Review and update construction schedule daily.
  6. Coordinate schedule to ensure pre-settlement orientation occurs at least 1 week prior to closing with a home that is 100% complete and clean.
  7. Ensure timely submission of complete and accurate pre-settlement documentation to closing coordinator.
  8. Ensure specific requirements are followed to obtain Division Manager / Division Construction Managers’ approval for buyer proxies at pre-settlement orientation and/or use of form Items Outstanding At Closing.
  9. Maintain job scheduling documentation that can be readily understood and managed by others in case of sudden, unplanned absence

Construction and Warranty Cost

  1. Manage construction costs for adherence to budgets.
  2. Monitor budgets for variances and approve or disapprove.
  3. Continually evaluate and solicit feedback in ways to reduce construction costs and warranty costs.
  4. Direct Building Supervisors to document and properly communicate take-off or plan problems to the appropriate departments.
  5. Control job site waste within communities and manage erosion control.
  6. Manage coordination and delivery of warranty services within community.
  7. Promptly review, code, approve and submit subcontractor and vendor invoices (including Home Depot) for payment and ensure that checks are issued timely per draw schedule.
  8. Promptly submit all vendor and subcontractor invoices for warranty work to the Division Construction Manager for review and approval for payment.
  9. Hold subcontractors financially accountable for warranty costs.\

Quality Control

  1. Achieve quality standards for materials and workmanship.
  2. Ensure homes are structurally correct, built per plan, and meet all building codes and applicable construction standards.
  3. Manage “Quality Inspection” program for each phase of construction (Foundation, Frame, Pre-drywall, Pre-carpet, and Final Inspection).
  4. Manage to resolution any construction quality issues which arise during the construction and warranty period.
  5. Respond promptly to reports of water intrusion and recommend procedures for mold remediation to Division Construction Manager for approval before proceeding.
  6. Train Building Supervisor(s) in principals of construction quality management and control.
  7. Assure homeowner selections are accurate and installed correctly.

Material Management

  1. Ensure material deliveries are accurate regarding quality and quantity and handle any discrepancies onsite at the time of delivery.
  2. Ensure proper delivery and storage of materials to guard against theft, damage, or misuse.
  3. Monitor contractors for appropriate use of TPG-provided material to ensure correct material is used and to minimize misuse and waste.
  4. Assist the purchasing and estimating department with the development of accurate material estimates, and provide ongoing written feedback on any necessary changes.
  5. Communicate material variances promptly to Purchasing Department.
  6. Promptly arrange for return and credit for all unused material and properly document all material returns.


  1. Ensure that Building Supervisors and all other site personnel comply fully with The Providence Group’s company safety program.
  2. Ensure safety meetings are conducted and maintain documentation in the appropriate OSHA file.
  3. Monitor job site daily using the Safety Auditor Checklist and promptly address actual or potential safety issues.
  4. Accompany site Risk Management Partners (RMP) site safety inspectors and provide any documentation they require.
  5. Notify Division Construction Manager of presence of OSHA or other government inspectors.
  6. Ensure required safety equipment is available and maintained (first aid kit, fire extinguishers, etc.).
  7. Maintain required records and signage for safety related issues.
  8. Review with Building Supervisors all safety consultant (RMP) inspection reports and ensure prompt corrective action is taken.
  9. Communicate and constantly reinforce with Building Supervisors and contractors that safety is a top priority with The Providence Group and that unsafe behavior and conditions will not be tolerated.


  1. Assist Purchasing Department in the ongoing effort to identifying and hire the best trade contractors in terms of quality, value and professionalism.
  2. Evaluate contractor workload capacity and communicate concerns to Division Construction Manager.
  3. Provide a complete Scope of Work to each contractor and clearly communicate quality and performance expectations before the work begins.
  4. Assist Building Supervisors in handling contractor and supplier conflicts and formulating final decisions regarding resolution of issues.
  5. Review relevant TPG policies and procedures with all new contractors before work begins.
  6. Evaluate and solicit feedback from contractors on areas of improvement and ways to strengthen builder/subcontractor relationship.
  7. Monitor contractors for compliance with all safety, jobsite condition, and performance standards.
  8. Continually revise and update scopes of work as needed and formally communicate changes to affected subcontractors and to Purchasing Department.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Achieve 100% customer satisfaction as measured by homebuyers’ acknowledged willingness to recommend The Providence Group on the homebuyer closing survey.
  2. Resolve any homeowner conflicts during the construction and post-close warranty period.
  3. Ensure that Building Supervisors make follow-up calls or visits to homeowners after closing per TPG guidelines to identify and resolve unreported problems or issues.
  4. Ensure that all homebuyers receive thorough review of the Homebuyer Handbook and that realistic expectations have been set for pre-closing, warranty, and homeowner maintenance responsibilities.
  5. Ensure that Building Supervisors understand their customer service role and train as needed to correct skill deficiencies and weaknesses.
  6. Manage schedule for all formal homeowner orientations and ensure that they are conducted in accordance with company policies and guidelines.
  7. Develop effective business relationship with buyer as soon after contract approval as possible (e.g. – face-to-face meeting, phone calls, joint sales call logs, post closing letter, post close visit, etc.).
  8. Manage pre-close home-buying process so that all homes are 100% complete and clean at orientation and all homes are 100% complete and signed off prior to closing. Notify Division Construction Manager in advance of potential failure to achieve either (i.e., ensure that no home is posted to the Brushfire Report BR-1).

Community Management

  1. Ensure HOA and company standards are met for the entire community (including limited common elements, entrances, amenities, etc.). This includes neatness, cleanliness, overall appearance, and safe accessibility to the construction office, sales center, sales models, and spec units.
  2. Manage the enforcement of job site rules and regulations as stated in subcontractor/vendor contracts and scopes of work.
  3. Maintain spec homes in accordance with company standards and expectations.


  1. Communicate and reinforce with Building Supervisors the process, procedures, and policies related to receiving, managing, and documenting warranty service requests.
  2. Monitor all warranty requests to ensure that they are handled in a professional and timely manner per company guidelines
  3. Analyze and resolve “out of warranty” issues as needed
  4. Provide feedback on recurring warranty issues and make recommendations to reduce or eliminate future requests. 


  1. Assess the educational needs of Building Supervisors and provide training (internal or external) as needed.
  2. Encourage Building Supervisors to participate in meetings and seminars offered by the HBA and other professional builder organizations.
  3. Remain current on building codes and code amendments.
  4. Serve as a mentor for Building Supervisors.
  5. Manage and promote cooperation between the community construction team and all other TPG departments.
  6. Work with sales staff to reinforce the community team approach between sales and construction.
  7. Train all Building Supervisors as needed including sales contract, homeowner handbook, builder limited warranty, 2-10 warranty, manufacturers warranties, and HOA covenants.
  8. Implement a training and development plan for each Building Supervisor that addresses at least the minimum training standards outlined on the TPG Construction Training Schedule.
  9. Logon to company e-mail account at least daily to check for receipt of messages.
  10. Fulfill role as leader of the TPG community interdepartmental team – demonstrate an unrelenting “sense of proprietorship” and instill same in all members of the community team.
  11. Complete other tasks and duties as assigned by Division Manager or Division Construction Manager.

Location: Field 

Nothing in this position description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.


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