Why invest in Green Brick Partners?

Green Brick Partners brings to the table a seasoned management team comprised of building and finance veterans that have decades of experience in our core markets with expertise in capital allocation, land acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, marketing, and home sales.

A True Growth Story

Industry Leading Pre-Tax Margins

Source: Company Filings reported as of August 24, 2018; GRBK Pretax Margin utilizes Pre-tax income attributable to Green Brick and Total revenues as reported on Form 8-K.  The calculation is on a LTM basis and is the quotient of LTM Pretax earnings divided by total revenue.

Focused in Growth Markets

Source: Metrostudy – MetroUSA (Dallas-Ft. Worth Housing Market Update 3Q2018, October 30, 2018)

Diversified Income Streams and Home Types

This enables us to preserves updside, and limits downside. Due to our controlled ownership of local builders, we are able to ensure the placement of strong local management teams while participating in the financial success of each builder.

Low Debt-to-Capital Ratio

Green Brick Partners has superior financial and operating metrics despite having one of the lowest debt to capital ratios among public builders.

Net Debt to Total Capital Q3 2018 for GRBK and Comparative Companies*

  • MDC* 30% 30%
  • TMHC* 30% 30%
  • TPH 34% 34%
  • MTH 36% 36%
  • PHM 36% 36%
  • KBH 36% 36%
  • TOL 37% 37%
  • LEN 39% 39%
  • NWHM 47% 47%
  • CCS* 47% 47%
  • WLH 56% 56%

Source: Company filings reported as of October 17, 2018; “Net Debt” equals Total Debt minus Cash.

Disciplined Investment Approach

Our extensive experience and the strong reputation of our management team combined with our long-standing relationships with other market participants, provides us with a competitive advantage in efficiently sourcing, purchasing and entitling land. As part of our disciplined investment approach we intend to pursue the acquisition of additional homebuilders in our core or new markets and to pursue a robust pipeline of development opportunities to fuel future expansion.   

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