Green Brick’s mission is to grow our business by combining our strong financial resources with our subsidiary homebuilders in locations across the country who have deep relationships in the communities where they live and build.


Our core values guide our business and are instrumental in building a better HOME.  While each of our subsidiary homebuilders are locally branded, managed, and unique in their locations, architecture, and price-point of homes they build, all of our homebuilders are united by Green Brick Partners’ common set of values we call HOME.

HonestyHonesty and Integrity are the foundation of any lasting business and we strive each day to treat our customers, employees, and shareholders like we would like to be treated.

Objectivity: Objectivity drives our business practices, and our decisions are always made on best practices and market-driven information available.

Maturity: The emotional intelligence of our staff is integral to our success.  In order to accomplish our common goals, we must be solution driven and view every challenge as an opportunity.  Emotionally intelligent employees see the bigger picture and strive each day to work collaboratively toward a shared story of success. 

Efficiency: Efficiency is the result of competent, hard-working people who perform with a competitive spirit to produce rapid and consistent results. We continually evaluate our processes and systems to ensure that we remain the most efficient in our industry.

Green Brick Partners owns a controlling interest in the following builders:


CB JENI Homes is a premium luxury townhome builder and the largest townhome builder in the Dallas Metroplex. CB JENI offers low-maintenance living solutions across DFW.

Normandy Homes

Normandy Homes is a boutique single-family home builder in the DFW metroplex. Normandy Homes offers architecturally authentic homes that are built to the highest quality craftsmanship.

Southgate Homes

Southgate Homes is built on a shared foundation of providing the highest quality homes and architecture in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in homes priced from over $550,000 to $1.3 million.

Centre Living Homes

Centre Living Homes is a Dallas in fill custom home building company dedicated to quality, solid state of the art construction, excellent craftsmanship, modern features, and service beyond the sale.

The Providence Group

The Providence Group of Georgia is an Atlanta-based homebuilding company known for their desirable locations offering innovative home designs, upscale interiors, amenity-rich communities, and low-maintenance lifestyles.

GHO Homes

GHO Homes is an award-winning home builder based in St Lucie, Florida.  GHO Homes constructs townhouses, single family homes, and luxury homes.

Challenger Homes

Challenger Homes is one of Colorado Springs’ premier and best-selling homebuilders through adherence to strong core values, plenty of elbow grease, and hard work.

*Green Brick Partners owns a 49% interest in Challenger Homes, with a pathway to controlled ownership.

Trophy Signature Homes

Founded to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth market’s ever-growing need for quality, affordable homes, every Trophy Signature Home offers a unique blend of functionality, design, and value. 

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