Green Brick Partners has compiled a set of frequently asked questions for your convenience. These questions address topics that will help you get better acquainted with Green Brick Partners’ process.

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How does being a public company bring value?

As a publicly traded company, Green Brick Partners (listed as GRBK on the NASDAQ), is well capitalized and positioned for growth. This means we have the financial ability to perform at a higher level than our competition.

We can secure prime locations for our communities, partner with local city governments to create added value and better manage the overall development process which provides a superior long term return for our investors, residents, and the cities we build in.

How is Green Brick Partners different from most other public builders?

We have the financial stability and resources of a public company perfectly blended with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our interests lead us to invest in a wide range of real estate investments. We are agile, market savvy and have proven to be a leader in the residential development industry. Our communities are known for expert master planning, quality, close attention to detail and a non-institutional commitment to customer service.

What is the relationship between Green Brick Partners and its builders?

Green Brick Partners owns a controlling interest in five homebuilding companies in Dallas, Texas: Normandy Homes, CB JENI Homes, Southgate Homes, Trophy Signature Homes and Centre Living Homes, as well as The Providence Group, one of the largest homebuilder in Atlanta, Georgia and Florida-based GHO Homes. We provide investment related services but have a strict policy of allowing our excellent builder partners to manage the day-to-day construction process.

In August 2017, Green Brick Partners also purchased a 49% ownership stake in Colorado Springs-based Challenger Homes. The partnership has also created a pathway to controlled ownership on or after the third anniversary of the transaction.


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